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I've just quitted my nice, good paid and safe job as a Front End developer with more than six years of experiences to go to university and spend the next five to six years to achieve a master's degree in geoscience.

Because web development isn't a thing I really chose to do. I just fell into it

Milky Way at Lueneburg Heath

My try to shoot the Milky Way again. It's manually stacked out of 10 exposures. Every photo was made with a Canon EOS 600D, 10mm focal length, aperture of 3.5 and 40s exposure time.

I'm not completely satisfied with the quality since it has many star stripes. I guess, if I want to make it with cl

Milky Way over Saxon Switzerland national park

I just finished my first try to shoot the milky way over the Saxon Switzerland national park in Germany.

It's manual stacked with 8 exposures in Photoshop.
I had to stay between 3am and 4am on that place to have a view on the milky way.

At the end, the hardest thing is to manually focus correct