Bitcoin Miner in oil

I'm interested in a lot of things. Every week I have another idea of what I could do or in which topic I could sneak into.

This week I finally wanted to checkout "Bitcoins".

You can generate this online currency by yourself with a Bitcoin Miner. These things are computer chips which are doing calculations to generate Bitcoins.

I ordered a 333MH/s Bitcoin Miner.
Bitcoin miner 333MH/s front Bitcoin Miner 333MH/s back This tiny thing will not give you any amount of Bitcoins which could pay back the price of 9€. Ever...
But it's great to get an idea about how this whole thing works.

I plugged it into one of my Raspberry Pi's and started everything. It didn't took much time and everything was working like it should. But after about 10 minutes I noticed that the miner already was getting really really hot.

From time to time I saw pictures of Bitcoin miner farms with great cooling systems, big fans and ton's of electricity costs.

I don't wanted to put a fan on this. It would be noisy and also cost me some extra Euros for electricity over time.
But then there it was, the second topic in one day I could dive into:
Cooling a computer with oil!

I heard about it some time ago. There was a guy who removed the fans from his PC and put the whole thing into an aquarium tank filled with frying oil. Since oil is dielectric it worked. And his PC was even cooler than before.

And so I bought:

Baby oil

Soap dish

and a USB extension cable

I dissected the soap dish

and soldered the cable into it

To be sure that everything was still fine, I tested it without oil. It still worked well and I filled it with the baby oil.

bitcoin miner cooled with oil

That's all. It works like a charm and I don't have a super hot aluminium thingy on my shelf anymore.

This time it was only to have a reason to put a PC or electronically thing into oil. But if you are running a Bitcoin miner farm, this would be scaleable and could save you a lot of electricity by not have running many fans to cool down all the miners. Could amortize itself after x months. Possibly. Maybe. Perhaps.

But hey, it looks cool!


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