Starting to work in a new company is an adventure. I'm always a bit excited about new things to learn and new opportunity for my career. I have to overcome my inner obstacles every time. My trick is to not overthink anything. I just let everything happen and react on the situations.

But before you start to work in a new company, you have to send applications or in general start the process of searching a new place to work. And that's a very inconvenient thing. "But why?"

At first we have to look at the question, "why are you searching for a new company?".
Well, maybe you finished studying and want to work. Or maybe your last company had to quit you because of a burn down (happened to my once). Or you left the company because they didn't gave you a fair amount of money for your work (also happened to me a couple of times). Or you had problems with your company. Maybe actually some of the "real" problems like bullying or discrimination. Or you simply wanted to see more of the world. Or, or, or... .

In any case, you have to find another company. And most of the time you will not know the people in that new company you want to apply to. And here comes the inconvenient part. You have to take a journey into unknown territories.

I guess this is the part where most people, which have problems in their current company, are scared of. "The Unknown". You maybe know this feeling. The pain in your current company is real, but not big enough for you to take the journey into something new. Because that could also bring a greater pain.

Whenever I sent out an application or contacted a company that I was interested in, I was into that struggle with prejudices. I mean, most of those companies had cool looking websites with texts, pictures and videos which basically said "come to us, we have the fun!". They showed happy employees at work and all those things, but I always had the same thoughts. "Maybe it's really super cool and fun to work there, ... but maybe half of those employees on the pictures doesn't work there anymore, because it's not".

Sometimes you have friends which know the company you're interested in and then they shower you with their opinions. They warn you, to not work there, or they convince you of the contrary. They mean well, but you can never really trust them.
"Why? They are my friends". Of course, they are your friends, but in the end, every person is different. And maybe they like the company because of several reasons, and you won't. It could be that your friend had a dispute with some manager and tells you "Don't go there, the manager is an asshole". But maybe you will like that person?
Or your friend got a big bunch of money and tells you "Nice and fair company, go there!".
But maybe they'll offer you not that much money or even less than you had received in your old company?

I always count on more than one opinion. If one guy says that a company is not good, I'll ask some more people. If they say the same, then I would consider to not start there.

In the end I followed my own inner rule. "Just do it" (nope, that's not related to Nike). If it wasn't the right thing, I left the company and searched for a new one.

Now, after working in several companies I'm sure to say "every company is similar, more or less". Naturally there are also black sheep, but all in all every company turned out to be the same. On one hand, the people you have to work with make you feel comfy and the company nice or not. And on the other hand, it's you.

In the end, you are the reason if you leave, or stay in a company. Sounds strange, but it makes sense. It's your point of view which makes a situation good or bad.

Of course, there are exceptions. If you are unlucky you will work for a company or for people who are just mad and not good for you. I'm very thankful that this doesn't happened to me yet.

But usually it's a thing of your personality. It could be the case that you think "everything is super nice!" and your coworker thinks "everything is fu$#ed up".

Scenario one:
Your boss is mad and makes the worst decisions? It's your turn what to do. You can rage about it and leave the company. I already did this. Or you can stay and see your boss from a different view. She or he is a human like you and also makes wrong decisions sometimes, just as you do. Maybe give an opportunity to make things right is a good way to handle this situation. I did that, too.

Scenario two:
You have fun at work, your coworkers are nice and your benefits like free drinks after 6 pm are satisfying, but you know you would get way more money in another company.
You could stay because money isn't everything in life and a good atmosphere is more important to you. I did that. Or you could say that these benefits are no compensation because you want to go home after work to your family or friends and don't drink a beer in the company. And it's sad to leave because of the nice coworkers, but you could also stay in touch with them in your free time. I did that, too.

It's your personal sentiment if a company is good or bad for you. And your sentiment is changing all the time with every event that happens. It's also bound to your mood.
You have a really bad day? Something extreme happened in your life? That could be the day you rethink your last months/years and you would leave your company.
You have a really great day? Everything is fine in your life? That could be the day you rethink your last months/years and you would think "it's not that bad in here".

Actually, this is life.

No one can tell you if a company is good or bad for you. Yes, there are hints and you should have an ear for opinions of other people. But it could turn out to be a really cool company where your friend had a bad time. Or the other way around.

In general:
If you're not lucky with your situation and you have the chance to change something, do it. Don't be scared of what might could come and don't overthink too much. "Life is what you make it." shouldn't just be a phrase to you.

I wish you the best!


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