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Bitcoin Miner in oil

I'm interested in a lot of things. Every week I have another idea of what I could do or in which topic I could sneak into.

This week I finally wanted to checkout "Bitcoins".

You can generate this online currency by yourself with a Bitcoin Miner. These things are computer chips which are doing ca

If you have a pet, sometimes you want to know what your lovely little friend is doing while you're not at home.

I've built an inconspicuous spy cam which shoots a picture every 10 seconds and broadcasts it to a username and password protected website.

I wanted to have a look at my Don Sphynx cat a

How I defeated the nasty nasty nasty libv8 gem install sh#§$.
(Yosemite 10.10.3 | rbenv | ruby 2.1.2)

Before every solution step

  • remove all installed and cached gems
  • remove the ruby version you're using
  • remove the -- --with-system-v8 lines from your bundler config
  • brew uninstall v8

Solution 1:

Starting to work in a new company is an adventure. I'm always a bit excited about new things to learn and new opportunity for my career. I have to overcome my inner obstacles every time. My trick is to not overthink anything. I just let everything happen and react on the situations.

But before you