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some personal and some work related posts

I worked for some small and some very large web agencies, a design agency, a data analysis agency, a well known european seller for band merchandise, a startup which tries a similar service like Lyft or Uber, a startup which has a hardware/software server solution and a gaming company.

In these co

How do you get a job in a new company?

That's a simple question, isn't it? We already learned it in school. You have to write an application. The whole package! A complete tabular résumé, a cover letter which describes you, the reason why you want to work at that particular company and why you're t

Before I start to write about my experiences in Tech- and Internet Companies, I want to introduce you to the "real world", just to have a comparison.

Years before I built my first website, I had jobs like teaching children how to swim, mystery shopping, being a paperboy or helping out in schools fo

raspberry pi 2 What is a Raspberry Pi?
"The Raspberry Pi is a low cost, credit-card sized computer."

I got my first one as a christmas gift in 2013. Often I want to have things without knowing what it exactly is or what to do with it. My Pi was buried more than one year somewhere in my drawer until I finally did