Yep, I created a new personal blog. I wanted to do it a couple of months ago, but never had the time, or was in the mood to.

Here I'll continue what I began on my old blog, but I try to write english only this time. I'm sure there will be some misspelling, I'm german, so please be patient with me.

Topics will be personal things like "how I became a web developer", some random made photos, general random things like "Game Boy Classic with background light" and technical things like "My Web Dev Toolbox".

And here are some technical details:
The blog is made with Ghost, a NodeJS based publishing platform. I'm using the "Readium" template which is inspired by the design of Medium. But I guess I'll tweak it here and there over the time.

Ghost Logo

It's hosted on my DigitalOcean "Droplet", which is basically a Virtual Server.


Sooooo, I guess that's all for now. Happy reading!


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